The new products of the equestrian sport industry: Diversity and multifunctionality in all sections

The diversity, facets and also contrasts of the equestrian sport are apparent in many sections: The disciplines range from dressage to the racing sport, children's and leisure sports on the one hand compared to competition sport on the other and the everyday life of the professional rider offers a strong contrast to riding as a luxury sport. This diversity is directly reflected in the products that will be presented again by over 400 international exhibitors at spoga horse autumn from 3 to 5 September. The following applies for all of them: A sustainable approach and innovative developments are the basis for lasting success - the numerous new products for the horse thus prove to be correspondingly diverse, colourful and creative.

Making good things better, that is what is about when it comes down to the special equipment for the various disciplines of the equestrian sport: Here apart from the name and the purpose, the numerous newly and further developed jumping and dressage saddles don't have much in common with a new saddle and bridle line for the racing sport, which is made out of robust and hygienic synthetic leather and which has to fulfil totally different purposes than a conventional saddle. The trend is towards the products being more strongly tailor-made to suit the respective demands. Occasionally also in the equestrian sport industry world-class athletes contribute their experience towards product developments. For example, this is how a jumping boot made of particularly soft calfskin, which is equipped with special anti-slip adhering leather on the inside and grip on the lining so that the rider's legs and boots stay in the right place even over very high jumps, came about. Decade-long experience in the equestrian sport also contributed to the development of a bridle that avoids touching the sensitive facial nerve of the horse, the flash strap has namely been moved so that the horse's breathing is not hindered.

Colourful diversity for everyday life

Living from and with horses means - as well as a lot of joy - above all one thing: a lot of work. The spoga horse exhibitors have plenty of innovative products in store for the hard-working professionals and stable owners. The colourful ironware of a British exhibitor, who offers the brackets, door fittings, tie rings and much more in pink, blue, green and red, adds a dash of colour to the stable yard. A stud tool made by a Swedish designer is also colourful and made of metal, which as a multifunctional stud wonder replaces several tools at once and which is furthermore designed to make handling horseshoe studs child's play.

Diversified safety

Safety is becoming much more comfortable and multifunctional for everyone, who is on the road in all types of whether. Because in the safety vest and protector section a protective vest against the cold with an integrated back protector is being launched onto the market. Another manufacturer is offering the practical zip-in option for its airbag allowing it to be inserted into diverse waistcoats and jackets at home or at the show. One manufacturer has added a long, anti-slip safety strap to the trusted breastplate - not only very useful for young horses, but also for beginners, who can learn how to hold the reins in a horse-friendly way.

Cheerful diversity for the youngest riders

Unicorns are omnipresent... and of course also found in the equestrian sport. They already decorate the packing of care products such as a pink-coloured shining and care spray. A new leather cream soap also underlines the strong dominance of girls on the equestrian sport scene. Without a unicorn, but indeed also pink, with its raspberry scent it is supposed to entice trendy horse-loving girls to clean their tack. However, not all young ladies want to be girlies - and for this target-group riding dungarees are now on the market! Made out of stretch denim with a loose jodhpur cut and with adjustable straps, the practical, casual trousers are bound to find their followers fast.

Diversity goes high-tech

The high technology level of the products for horses is impressive every year again and again. For example in the case of several extremely sporty riding boots with torsion protection, an ergonomic foot bed and smart colourful elements, there is a conscious effort to achieve a high-tech look. The ankle boots and boots, but also jackets of another manufacturer on the other hand are suitable for a stroll round the city thanks to their classic/traditional appearance. High-performance membranes and aeration mechanisms ensure an optimal pleasant-to-wear feeling here - hidden high-tech.

Diversity of the ideas

What if... Many unconventional products that are presented at spoga horse have arisen from this contemplation. These include a reversible jacket that is equipped with numerous, highly-reflective pearls on the one side and thus makes the wearer well visible. Like an invisible cloak, the jacket turns into an inconspicuous down jacket when worn the other way round. Jodhpurs are one of the most important products on the equestrian sport market. Whereas in the past the skin-tight leg clothing strongly accentuated the figure of the wearer, the sophisticated cut of a new model allegedly improves the microcirculation and thus the performance as well as the posture and the figure. A product that quite literally has a bottom and mood-lifting effect! A cap with an integrated LED lamp promises practical utility value. It can be worn in the stable and under the helmet, has a torch function and is equipped with a battery that boasts a 72-hour operating time. A digital girth, which reports data on the quality and quantity of the movements as well as health and performance data to the smartphone of the trainer per app, measures the "operating time" of a horse - and much more.

Diversity is luxury

Diversity is also available in the segment of those seeking luxury. Here there are numerous opportunities of discovering the beauty of the small things in life. Whether it be wonderful riding boots made of special leather decorated with floral patterns or elegant Italian pochettes, small hand-sewn handbags in the form of a horse's head in six different colours. Finally, glittery over-reach boots and brushing boots with plush edging promise catwalk luxury for glamour horses.

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The new products of the equestrian sport industry: Diversity and multifunctionality in all sections

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