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Equestrian sport fashion manufacturers impress with quality and innovations

Digitalisierung in der Pferdewirtschaft

Comprising of 1.1 million horses or 915,000 horses owned by 890,000 horse owners, 182,000 horse keepers and 3.7 million equestrian sport athletes, the sales market for horse products in Germany is large (as of 2018). However, over the past years the number of equestrian sport athletes has declined overall - furthermore a shift from classically oriented equestrian sport athletes towards equestrian sport athletes of alternative riding styles and further activities with the horse is being observed.

The equestrian sport fashion industry has reacted to the changes of the market and is adapting to suit the different demands of the target groups by developing corresponding products and communication and consulting offers. Hence there is a multi-faceted and differentiated offer of products - growth can however hardly be generated under the described market prerequisites. Future strategies have to focus further on the development of high-quality, innovative products in combination with a target group-specific consultation. In addition to retail brands that excel with a special price/performance ratio, brand management and development play an ever-increasing role.

In its big equestrian sport fashion 2018 survey , the HorseFuturePanel examined how equestrian sport athletes inform themselves about equestrian sport fashion and brands, which product characteristics they find important and which sales channels they prefer. Furthermore, around 70 equestrian sport brands are compared in terms of recognition, popularity, usage and satisfaction.

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