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Full steam ahead - how start-ups benefit from spoga horse

They are true pioneers, creative minds and motivated doers: company founders who enrich the equestrian sports industry with their business ideas and position themselves anew on the market despite adverse circumstances. And although the market is broad, it is nevertheless highly competitive.

We from the spoga horse blog have met five exciting start-up entrepreneurs and talked to them about their ideas and their goals and asked them why spoga horse, from 23 to 25 July, is such an important date for successfully advancing their young business.

Exclusive custom work

Caroline Buddenberg

Caroline Buddenberg

Caroline Buddenberg wants to interpret today's equestrian fashion exclusively. She therefore relies on custom work for her business Carol Bee ! Made in Germany, regional production, a small but high quality edition, are pillars on which her company is based.

The Meckenbeurerin hopes from the spoga horse not only full order books but sees the leading fair quite as a touchstone. "The fact that my exclusive equestrian fashion is very well received by the end consumer is increasingly crystallizing - according to Corona. Now, of course, I would like to know whether I can also inspire the professionals, i.e. the trade visitors at spoga horse, for my business. I ask myself, "can I gain a foothold in the market as a German company? Is the time ripe for high-grade quality that has to be paid for with value, or do only bare figures count in the end?"

Quality and sustainability

Katharina Hironimus-Dalic

Katharina Hironimus-Dalic

Katharina Hironimus-Dalic describes the motivation for founding her startup equimus : "I have in the equestrian industry companies with consistently sustainable products products. That's how I came up with the idea of establishing a premium equestrian brand in which sustainability is thought of holistically - from design to materials to production. production. We consistently combine design, functionality, quality and sustainability.

Through new material combinations, a move away from seasonal and short-lived designs, and a back-to-cycle approach, we are offering our customers a real alternative to conventional equestrian products." From her appearance at spoga horse, the founder hopes to gain brand awareness and new sales channels, as well as a "solid manufacturer network," "As a young company, we are very much looking forward to the opportunity to build and intensify our personal contacts."

Neoecology in equestrian sports

Caroline Winkler

Caroline Winkler

Sustainability is also the cover topic at L'Evoine Riding : Caroline Winkler, who relies on such special materials as alpaca wool, pure goat and horse hair, as well as robust walnut wood for her range of products from horse rugs to saddle pads and premium grooming equipment, says: "Unfortunately, in my eyes, the industry is still far from acting sustainably and environmentally consciously and moving towards 'conscious consumption'."

L'Evoine aims to set an example here: "The entire product range is manufactured in Germany and consists exclusively of timeless classics whose colors do not go 'out of fashion' after one season." Winkler sees enormous potential in the equine industry's move toward conscious and sustainable consumption. "The trend of neo-ecology has an overriding importance across all industries, and in the future, no company will be able to avoid addressing the issue," she said.

In addition to visibility for the industry, for end customers and for B2B customers, Caroline Winkler sees new contacts and new retail partners among the important reasons for her appearance at spoga horse.

With artificial fur - without animal suffering

VENTUM ride and care

VENTUM ride and care

FELLRAND is the product with which Daniela Klein of VENTUM ride and care , wants to enrich the equestrian scene. And without any animal suffering. High-quality synthetic fur is the material used here, with which applications softly pad the equestrian equipment and thus promise maximum comfort in particularly sensitive areas. Care products coordinated with these round off the constantly growing range.

She says, "I believe that the equestrian industry has evolved significantly toward more brand diversity in recent years and wish to be a part of it with VENTUM ride and care."

Hemp as a medicinal plant - naturally healthy

Claudia Jacobsen

Claudia Jacobsen

Moving into the future with hemp is Claudia Jacobsen of evercann Animal Care . She is enthusiastic about the versatile uses of the superfood. "Together with our veterinarian, we are developing feed to provide animals with the positive effects of this special medicinal plant. With other high-quality feed raw materials, this is then used to create supplementary feeds such as snacks, powders and pellets, among other things."

At spoga horse, she primarily wants to create more awareness for a millennia-old cultivated plant that has fallen into oblivion. "The topic of hemp/cannabis is still strongly stigmatized in some cases - this is where we would like to educate and engage in direct exchange with customers on site."

Jacobsen sees great potential in the equestrian industry. "On the one hand, because of the strong demand for our products and the positive feedback. On the other hand, because the scene has again grown strongly in recent years, especially in the leisure sector. Horse owners are increasingly demanding healthy and natural products from sustainable production these days."

From startup to market leader

Today's startups are tomorrow's market leaders - at best. In any case, their appearance at spoga horse brings them a big step closer to this goal.

How do young companies benefit from spoga horse? It's quite simple and can be easily prepared with just a few clicks!

Participation for young companies (german language only)

"We know that it has been very difficult, especially recently, to set up a company and position it successfully on the market. We therefore offer support for startups at spogar horse. The help for founders refers, among other things, to interesting special conditions for participation in our trade fair. In addition to the financial support granted by the BMWK upon application by spoga horse and the proportional assumption of costs, there are also long-term plans to impart important know-how specifically for young entrepreneurs within the framework of lectures and workshops," promises Dr. Maria Näther, Director of spoga horse.

Positive future

Sustainable, animal-friendly and social - this is how all our startups would like to see the future of the equestrian sports industry. And not just in the equestrian industry but in everyday life with horses and in sport. Here, the founders still see a lot of catching up to do. They all want to contribute their part to an optimization with their assortment as well as the production of the products. In this way, these start-ups are going down a path that spoga horse supports 100 percent!

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