03.–05.02.2024 #spogahorse

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Show special horse habitat

Where is horse husbandry headed in the future, and what does that mean for the industry?

The horse is no longer a sports and recreational partner alone. More and more, it is becoming a member of the family and because of this, it changes the way horses are kept. Today, we are far away from plain safekeeping in a box stall with a half-bucket of grain like our Grandfathers would have done.

"Species-appropriate & individual" - horse-appropriate husbandry, and individual and flexible care - is on trend. "EQUI LIVING" at spoga horse 2023 demonstrated where the living space of the horse - by request of the owners and amidst current political, ecological and economic development - is headed. The stable, paddock stable and open stable is transforming into a playroom for the horse (and the owner?), visitors are invited to set off on an exciting journey of discovery.

In our special exhibit “EQUI LIVING - from box stall to playroom?”, spoga horse visitors were able to explore various methods of contemporary horse husbandry and current trends that create a more exciting, enticing and healthier day-to-day life for the horse.

On Saturday 4th, experts discussed live at "THE STAGE" how the living environment of the horse will evolve in the years to come.

Area plan of the EQUI LIVING special area at spoga horse 2023:

Area plan of the EQUI LIVING special area at spoga horse 2023: