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spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS: The future prize for industry pioneers

What makes our industry more digital and more sustainable? Who are the pioneers in fashion, care and logistics? Perhaps you are one of these pioneers.

Show that you are heading the field and apply for the spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS Award, the most famous innovation competition of the equestrian industry. Trailblazing new products and innovations are distinguished - awarded by a top-class jury. 30 candidates are nominated and from them 5 winners are selected. All of the winners and nominees will be exhibited together in an eye-catching presentation on the BOULEVARD OF INNOVATION. The winners will be also be invited onto the stage to receive their trophies and certificates in a festive ceremony. Specially produced videos for the award-winning products that are shared across the worldwide spoga horse network via all communication channels lend the winning products glitz and glamour. And the coveted nominated and winner seals set new marketing and sales standards.

You can learn more about the spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS Award, if you scroll down.

The application period has already expired

Unfortunately, the application period has expired. Our top-class jury will now select the spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS from all applicants.


Application start


Deadline for entries


Announcement nominees


Award ceremony

Benefits for winners and nominees

The benefits for the five winners of the spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS

  • Label: Rights of use and advertising materials for the title spoga horse TOP INNOVATION 2024
  • Online gallery: Professional presentation on the spoga horse website
  • Video clip: A short product teaser with the title spoga horse TOP INNOVATION per winner, which will be shared on all communication channels
  • Exposure and attention: The results will be shared across the worldwide spoga horse network
  • Trophy and certificate: A trophy and a certificate complete the benefits

The benefits for the 30 most innovative products

  • BOULEVARD OF INNOVATIONS: In a central location at the fair, the 30 most innovative products will be presented to the entire spoga horse audience.
  • Online gallery: The 30 best products will be presented with a picture and product information on the spoga horse website for one year and linked to your website.
  • Exposure and attention: The results will be made available to the worldwide spoga horse media and visitor network and published on all of the communication channels of spoga horse.
  • Certificate: The 30 most innovative products receive a "spoga horse PROOF OF INNOVATION 2024" certificate.

Criteria, process and conditions of participation

The evaluation process

All products submitted by the deadline will be presented to the jury for evaluation. Based on eight different criteria, the jury will assign points to your product. Each criterion will receive up to ten points from the jury. The criteria Innovation Strategy & Solution Approach and Overall Concept will receive double the points. Subsequently, the points of all six jury members will be added up for the submitted product. This is how the best 30 products are determined, which receive the spoga horse PROOF OF INNOVATION. The best five products will win the title: "spoga horse TOP INNOVATION 2024". In mid-January you will receive written notification of the overall results for your product.

The evaluation criteria

  • Mini pitch of the product (via video link is welcome)
  • Innovation strategy & solution approach
  • Sustainability
  • Differentiation from competing products
  • Longevity & Quality
  • Functionality and Usability
  • Design
  • Overall concept

Participation fee

  • The participation fee is 255 € per product.
  • You will receive the payment instructions after submitting your product.

What is the participation fee used for?
Since participation in spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS is independent of trade fair participation, we will use this fee to highlight and strengthen your benefits to the best possible extent.

Conditions of Participation for the spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS 2024:

Download (.pdf)

Registration and submission

Submit your product via the official form by 01.12.2023. You will receive a written submission confirmation from us. If you are among the 30 nominees, you will receive an official notification from us on 16.01.2024. If you are one of the 5 winners of the spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS, we will inform you shortly before spoga horse 2024 so that we have enough time to prepare your product digitally.

This is the jury of the spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS 2024:

The submitted products are assessed by an independent and interdisciplinary team. They come from the retail, influencer and professional sectors.

The following jury members will select the 30 nominees and five winners from all participants of spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS 2024:

Hella Gabbert


Hella Gabbert, Germany, Content Creator / Influencer

"I'm Hella, 21 years old and have two horses. Together with my friend Tom, I publish entertaining YouTube videos every week and take my community with me into my everyday life at the stables. Currently, we are also developing an exciting product for horse-loving children. I'm happy to be a part of the jury and excited to see what innovations are currently on the market."

What makes innovations special for you?
"I think it's always good to question things and try to solve current problems with new product ideas. Especially in our industry, there are still so many things that seem unnecessarily complicated to me, so I'm grateful for every new innovative product that makes my everyday life in the barn easier."

Evan Donadt


Evan Donadt, USA, Head Groom & Content Creator

Evan Donadt is the head groom at his wife Ashley Donadt’s dressage training program Donadt Dressage as well as a social media content creator. With over 209,000 followers on his Instagram @evangrooms and over 350,000 followers on his TikTok @evans_world, Evan entertains the horse world with wholesome and humorous videos about life at the barn and life with horses.

Evan has a Chemical Engineering Degree, and has a background in Biotech and Marketing roles. Prior to meeting Ashley, he knew nothing about horses, but he took to them immediately and never looked back. As he was learning about horsecare from Ashley, he would closely observe what the horses would do then try to determine why and what they were thinking, and then he would turn these scenarios into funny videos, creating his #horsesandhumor videos he’s well known for.

What makes innovations special for you?
"Having a background in engineering, I am all about determining the most efficient and effective way to care for the horses. What makes innovation special to me is that each innovation makes its easier for us to care for our horses better and improves the quality time spent with our horses."

Andreas Manski


Andreas Manski, Germany, Managing Director Reitsport Manski

At the age of 17, Andreas Manski opened the Manski equestrian store in Güstrow together with his parents. As a former vaulter and rider, he maintains a strong bond with equestrian sports. Today he is still a successful horse breeder. Andreas Manski is committed to promoting young talents in sports and breeding. In 1999, he bought his parents' company and still runs it today.

What makes innovations special for you?

"In equestrian sports, there is too much focus on the fashion sector. It's time to focus more on equine technical solutions again. Innovation means improving old ideas and trends."

Beata Dahlén


Beata Dahlén, Sweden, Buyer/product developer

"I am a 50 plus “horse girl” who has the privilege of working with the sport that I love, I have been in the equestrian trade business since 1995 in some capacity or other, both in sales and in buying all of this combined gives me an understanding of what the end consumer looks for in products."

What makes innovations special for you?
"I have a passion for trying to figure out how to make life easier and safer for both horse and rider."

Thibault Delattre


Thibault Delattre, France, Project Manager at Pôle Hippolia

“As an agricultural engineer specialising in the nutrition and physiology of sport horses, I have had the opportunity to work with horses in sport horse breeding, veterinary research (ISME – Suisse Institute of Equine Medicine) and events (French Equestrian Championships), before moving into the industrial sector: audit and project monitoring with "Parcours Conseil", management of the company Equidéos, etc."

What makes innovations special for you?
“Innovation happens everywhere, all the time. Whether incremental or disruptive, it helps to improve the daily lives of riders, horses and all those who work or enjoy with them. Innovation has to be smart, useful, effective and affordable. I like to detect new things, sometimes improve them, and above all help them to become known and used to as many people as possible so that they can be useful every day.”

Malin Hansen Hotopp


Malin Hansen Hotopp, Germany, International Eventing Rider/ Farmer/ Horse Boarding Operator/ Trainer

"I am 45 years old and live with my husband and three children in Kirch Baggendorf in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. We run a farm, a horse boarding house and train apprentices. I am a trainer A riding and international eventing rider."

What makes innovations special for you?
"Good innovations usually mean progress, further development and often also facilitation. If you're not open to that, you're treading water."

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