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Marketing in the horse industry - Who decides? Decision makers and influencers in the horse industry

The horse industry is unique. There are very few industries that are as heavily influenced by referral and recommendations as the equine industry. In horse related purchases, great emotions are involved. When it comes to the fit or quality of equipment such as saddles, bits and performance athletic wear - or feed, hoof care and other health issues, the first person asked is the trusted contact. For riders and horse owners, the recommendation of Equine Professionals in their immediate circle of influence counts. This includes horse trainers, riding instructors, stable operators, hoof care specialists, physiotherapists, and veterinarians. However, until now, neither the professionals nor the companies have benefited from the industry's dependence on recommendations. Yet Equine Professionals are the pillars of the equine industry.

The forgotten target group

It is nearly impossible to easily hit a specific target audience. The exception is top-class sporting events where advertisers can attract an above-average household net income audience. Companies in the equestrian industry who want to reach specific target groups - for example, decision-makers and influencers or specific professional groups, especially within the recreational sector - have a greater challenge than in other industries. Yet decision-makers in particular are invaluable to advertisers. The (purchase) decision is made in the stable and in the arena.

"As a horse trainer, I spend a lot of time outside with the horses and am only at my desk and on the phone. This makes it difficult, in addition to the daily work, to establish contact with new business and cooperation partners. In the horse industry there are many customers who rely on the personal product or service recommendation of their trainer. I am asked every day what equipment, what feed I can recommend. I expect BARN NET to make it easier for me to communicate with communication with entrepreneurs from the horse industry" - Ricarda Bukowski, horse trainer NRW.

Ricarda Bukowski, Image: Josephine Gotzes / Fine Photography

Ricarda Bukowski, Image: Josephine Gotzes / Fine Photography

It is not easy for companies, brands and manufacturers to reach this target group with their brand message and offer. The attempt is often associated with disproportionate investment to returns. Especially for smaller companies, it can be a challenge to gain distribution partners and collaborations with trainers, hoof care professionals and experts in the field of equine health. Special conditions for equine professionals are also dependent on individual agreement. Why is that?

The industry lacks a central point of contact. Until now. An exciting pilot project at spoga horse promises completely new opportunities and new access into the market for equestrian companies, brands and manufacturers.

Martina Vogt, BARNS & BRANDS

Martina Vogt, BARNS & BRANDS

“With BARN NET as a digital platform and the annual BARN NET CONNECT event during spoga horse, we want to create numerous opportunities to enable and strengthen collaboration between companies and equine professionals. The development and offering of targeted cooperation models in the direction of those who work on the horse and with the owner still has a lot of room for growth. Our goal is to create tangible added value for all our members. spoga horse is the ideal partner for this."

- Martina Vogt, BARNS & BRANDS

Dr. Maria Näther, Director spoga horse

Dr. Maria Näther, Director spoga horse

"I see a lot of potential in this project and look forward to an exciting BARN NET Talk on the spoga horse stage "The Stage". As the leading international B2B trade fair for the equestrian industry, it is important for us to welcome both top sport and popular sport.

- Dr. Maria Näther, Director spoga horse


BARN NET connects equine professionals with companies in the horse industry - and vice versa. An exclusive space for trainers, influencers, decision-makers, horse health experts, service providers, marketing managers, companies, brands and organisations to make contacts, network, find cooperative partners and models, grow together and be more successful.

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