spoga horse 06.–08.02.2021 #spogahorse

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Statements on spoga horse 2021

A total of 432 exhibitors from 33 countries presented products and services relating to equestrian sports. We have gathered votes on the spot. You can see some of the statements from the last event here:

Klaus Geuecke, International Business Development, Albert Kerbl GmbH:

Klaus Geuecke, International Business Development, Albert Kerbl GmbH:

"Albert Kerbl GmbH with its strong brands AESCULAP, AKO, BUCAS, COVALLIERO, GOLEYGO, KERBL and MAGIC BRUSH welcomes the fact that spoga horse will in future take place once a year in spring.

This future-oriented decision, which was made on an equal footing between the Cologne Trade Fair and the international equestrian sports trade, is a cost-effective and intelligent solution for all exhibitors and trade visitors alike.

spoga horse is thus advancing to become the leading international trade fair for equestrian sports and will certainly become a visitor magnet with the new, partly digital, concept.

Kerbl, a manufacturer and wholesaler of textiles for horses and riders, among other things, is delighted with the decision to hold the World Equestrian Sports Fair in spring, as pre-orders for the winter season account for a significant share of sales".

Martin Sprenger, Geschäftsleitung, Herm. Sprenger Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG


"Herm. Sprenger Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG supports the new concept with only one spoga horse per year. We are convinced that the focus on one event offers great advantages for exhibitors and visitors and will be a success for all involved.

The attention will be concentrated on this one important event and not, as in the past, spread over two dates per year. This means that spoga horse will once again become an important and globally recognised event which reflects the entire breadth of the industry. For this reason, we have immediately registered for the spring spoga horse from 06 - 08.02.2021.

We are looking forward to seeing the entire industry again in February in Cologne, both visitors and exhibitors, national and international."

Henrik Holzapfel, H+P Handels GmbH & Co. KG

Suedwind Footwear

"We very much welcome Koelnmesse's decision to hold only one spoga horse from 2021. Cologne is one of the most important trade fair locations worldwide. The global significance of spoga horse, as THE leading trade fair for the sector, will be strengthened by this decision and further developed in a future-oriented manner.

We are looking forward to next spring's spoga and are convinced that this decision will meet with great approval worldwide."

Anna Bauce, Marketing Department, Prestige Italia S.p.A.

Prestige Italia

"Prestige Italia, which has been collaborating with the Koelnmesse for years, supports spoga horse' decision to have a single edition in 2021.

We believe in the innovations that the Koelnmesse will bring and with pleasure confirm our presence at spoga horse 2021."

Giulia Mazzalup, Equestrian Brand Coordinator, Kask spa

Kask spa

"We think that moving spoga horse from September 2020 to February 2021 is a good strategy. In that period there are less events and we can better organize spoga horse with the new collection.

However, we strongly believe that one spoga horse per year is sufficient, that’s the reason why we decided in the past two years to not participate at the exhibition in February.

We are sure that organizing one big show from February 2021 can be the best solution for the future."

Thomas Hiemann, Managing Director, HKM Sports Equipment GmbH

HKM Sports Equipment GmbH

"The decision for spoga horse in February is a milestone for our industry and gives us planning security. It gives us the basis for a strong platform on which we can exchange ideas with our national and international partners about our joint future business success.

For us, HKM, spoga horse is the decisive showcase for the worldwide equestrian sport industry.

We are very much looking forward to it."

Lelia Polini and Bianca Collet-Serret, Owner, KEP Italia

KEP Italia

"KEP Italia has always participated to both yearly editions of Spoga Horse Fair, but we think the possibility to focus on one event is a great opportunity for all exhibitors and visitors and we are persuaded everybody will take great advantages from the new format of this event, worldwide recognized as a milestone in the Equestrian industry.

More than ever before, we are now living an historical moment where it is important to create synergies and promote long term strategies. We therefore appreciate the efforts done by the organisers to involve all the industry representatives, at the base of this relevant decision.

We are waiting for this new spoga horse edition with confidence and passion."